Large Format Printers For Professionals

Heliozid Océ has a wide range of medias in its portfolio. We offer much more than just supplies. The knowledge of the media when combined with the most optimal application helps you maximize the quality of your outputs.

In short, it saves you time, money and adds value to your printed output.

We're are always happy to share that intrinsic knowledge with you. So, whatever you needs be, paper, inks, media compatibility and application information, color profiles or any other technical support, just contact us and make the most with our expertise on media.

Our Product range covers the following categories:

Display Graphics Supplies
Heliozid has a full lineup of Inkjet Canvas, Inkjet Backlit films, Reverse print films, Self-Adhesive Media and Vinyl. Our range of media provides the perfect basis for high-impact messages at the largest formats. Whether they're for advertising, information or creative productions.
Technical Document Supplies
For the technical document printers, we provide all kinds of media be it for laser or inkjet technologies. We also have a full range of tracing paper and drafting films for specialized needs. Our product range comprises of products in various sizes, various lengths as well as in all prevalent core widths to fit into any brand of printers. Currently, we are the leading suppliers for wide-format media in the Middle East with product offerings which include premium-grade supplies for all technologies used in wide format related environments.