Large Format Printers For Professionals

For the longest time, premium printing in the graphic arts was about metrics – wider colour gamuts, higher resolutions. Today, those metrics are simply the minimum requirement. True premium printing is all about
creating a rich experience. Mirror smooth gloss. Deep velvet matte.
Creative concepts that are not just eye-catching but cinematic, with entire rooms, from floor graphics to ceiling banners, breathing the same
Bewitch the senses – by Océ Colorado. For some customers, only the highest artistry is good enough. And they are willing to pay for it. With your own Océ Colorado series printer, you can give them what they need while improving your bottom line. Rely on instant-dry prints on a wide range of materials thanks to market-proven UV gel technology,

next-level automation

and breakthrough productivity.

Always meet challenging

customer requests with ‘yes, of course.’

Enjoy new business horizons –
by Océ Colorado.

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