Large Format Printers For Professionals

Granada 1800 L3

Professional Digital Flag Printer

Loaded with three print heads for faster, reliable and cost-efficient printing quality it can delivered!


  • Engineered Professional design machine body.
  • Combination of 4 and 6 color ink able to set up color according to painted pattern.
  • Constant temperature heating color development box and increase heating temperature quickly ensures good sealing for constant temperature.
  • Pre-installed LED lights at cleaning position and printing bed helps to visualized printing quality.
  • Equipped with a 4 in 1 heating control system.
  • Professional designed cloth feeding and take up system.
  • Environmental smoke filtration system helps filter sublimation smoke efficiently.
  • 2 levels ink tank, high speed printing more stable.
  • Lift type carriage and unique print head protection stack.
  • Professional RIP Software supports the technology conducting multi-channel color separation with a unique multiple step and repeat function responsible for the requirements of various patterns by the digital printing.


Print Head / QuantityEPSON 3200
Ink Type / Colors / DropletSublimation and Water-based Ink / 4 - 8 colors
Max Material / Print Width1.8 / 1.8 m
Print Mode2 / 3 / 4 / 6 / 8 pass
Print Speed /
(3200) 21 sqm / h to 168 sqm / h
NeoStampa / Wasatch
Heating System / Feeding & Take-up SystemStable Automatic Infrared Heater System / Auto take - up with optional Intelligent cutting system & media feeding
Media / Thickness /
Max Weight
Polyester, Leather, Khaki, Cotton, Linen, Silk / 1.5 - 8 mm / 75kg

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