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Granada TF 1804-1808

Industrial Belt Textile Printer


  • RICOH GEN5E with all steel structure, 1280 nozzles, 7 class grey scale from 6pl to 35pl. Every nozzle can stand 100 billion times jetting. Printhead service life can be 5-10 years longer. High resolution and fast speed make RICOH GEN5E more and more popular in the digital printing industry.
  • Excellent Ink Circulating System and Bubble free adopt effective degassing and filtration device and stable negative pressure control system. Double ink filtration removed all the impurity to protect the Printhead. Continuously degassing system eliminate tiny bubbles in the water-based inks guaranteed mass industrial printing production without ink misting or blocking.
  • Effective Belt Cleaning System air cylinder lift water spray cleaning device, high resolution air knife drying technology guarantee the belt cleaning and dry and fabric staining problem free.
  • Smart Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) works to control important function by touch screen LCD Display for more intelligent, convenient and user-friendly.
  • Reliable Feeding and Take-Up System adopt high precision Switzerland automatic belt correction system, stainless air shaft with safety chuck and torque motor make GRANADA belt printer both woven and knitted fabrics precise and stable.
  • The Rolling type Italian Cloth-Pressing Roller Structure design make sure the fabric stick on the belt closely and smoothly without wrinkle during fabric printing.
  • Industrial A-type Frame taking up and feeding device can carry cloth roll of 1000 meters improving mass production efficiency.


Print TechnologyModel *TF - 2608/12/16 *TF - 1808/12/16 *TF - 3208/3212//3216
Amount of Printhead * 8 / 12 / 16 pcs
Resolution (Max) *1080dpi * 1200dpi
Color *4 Color * 6 Color *8 Color
Width (Max) *1850 mm *2650 mm *3250 mm
Thickness *0 - 10 mm
Material Type *Cotton / Flax / Wool / Silk / Nylon / Polyester Fabrics, etc.
PrintheadRICOH GEN5 (Industrial Piezoelectric Printhead)
InkReactive Dye Ink / Acid Dye Ink / Disperse Dye Ink / Pigment Ink
Ink ColorC / M / Y / K / R / Or / Bl / G / Gy / Flourescent Yellow / Flourescent Magenta (Optional)
RIP Software ONYX (Textile Version) / NEOSTAMPA
Size of DropletMinimum 7pl, Maximum 35pl
Ink Capacity 5 L

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