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Granada ES 1825

With its Ultra-high Speed and large format printing capabilities, this large format printer of Granada Technology has gained a good reputation in the AD & SIGN industry and performed successfully in the printing business

Professional Indoor / Outdoor High-Precision ECO-Solvent Digital Printer.

Reliable, High-Efficient, Excellent Comprehensive Performance.


  • Inkjet Printing Technology  with both High Precision and High Speed printing with Epson DX5 Micro Piezo Electric Printheads alternately arranged Maximum Precision as 1440dpi .
  • Combination of multiple three level changeable Ink Dots guarantee high color saturation of the output and truly realize controllable ink points and gray scale printing. Professional multi-level feather function guarantees the print picture free of cross strips.
  • Ink absorption of materials improved through installed front, middle, back controllable heating devices. The quick drying of output is guaranteed by the auxiliary infrared heating and fan drying devices.
  • Automatic Damping Feeding and Take-up System guarantees the smooth and reliable material output.
  • The linear mute guide rail from THK in Japan or HIWIN in Taiwan guarantees the smooth and steady movement of the Printheads for it’s long service life and low noise.
  • Safe and reliable passive lifting cleaning mechanism, with Peristaltic Ink Pump greatly prolongs the service life of Printheads.
  • The distance between Printheads and Material can be adjusted by hand between 0 ~ 2 mm according to material thickness.
  • The high power DC Servo Motor together with the high precision grating closed loop positioning guarantees the precise ink droplet during the printing process.


Printhead5th Generation Micro Piezo Electric Printhead(DX5)
180 Nozzles x 8 rows x 2 CMYK 4 Color (2880 Nozzles) 1440dpi
Print Technology 720 x 720dpi = 33sqm / hour (4 pass)
720 x 1080dpi = 25sqm / hour (6 pass)
720 x 1440dpi = 15sqm / hour (8 pass)

Maximum Print Width = 1800mm
Maximum Material Width = 1880mm
Material Type = Vinyl, Photographic Paper, Film, Wallpaper,
Banner, etc..

Ink Supply SystemECO-Solvent , Water-based Sublimation Ink
Ink ColorC,M,Y,K
Supply ModeContinuous Ink Supply System (CISS)
Heating SystemThree Phase Heating (Front, Middle, Back Heating)

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