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Plain Paper copier 80gsm

Product Description Product Code Product Size
The market leading brand of high white 80gsm UWF paper in wide range  for large and small format Graphics, PPC and available in cut sheet from for CAD printing. The cad roll is made from the best quality material of European origin and is highly appreciated in the market. PPC80G30CM100Y 30cm x 100y x 3″
PPC80G30CM150Y 30cm x 150y x 3″
PPC80G30CM175Y 30cm x 175y x 3″
PPC80G30CM200Y 30cm x 200y x 3″
PPC80G42CM100Y 42cm x 100y x 3″
PPC80G42CM150Y 42cm x 150y x 3″
PPC80G42CM175Y 42cm x 175y x 3″
PPC80G42CM200Y 42cm x 200y x 3″
PPC80G45CM100Y 45cm x 100y x 3″
PPC80G45CM150Y 45cm x 150y x 3″
PPC80G45CM175Y 45cm x 175y x 3″
PPC80G45CM200Y 45cm x 200y x 3″
PPC80G60CM100Y 60cm x 100y x 3″
PPC80G60CM150Y 60cm x 150y x 3″
PPC80G60CM175Y 60cm x 175y x 3″
PPC80G60CM200Y 60cm x 200y x 3″
PPC80G841CM100Y 84.1cm x 100y x 3″
PPC80G841CM150Y 84.1cm x 150y x 3″
PPC80G841CM175Y 84.1cm x 175y x 3″
PPC80G841CM200Y 84.1cm x 200y x 3″
PPC80G90CM100Y 90cm x 100y x 3″
PPC80G90CM150Y 90cm x 150y x 3″
PPC80G90CM175Y 90cm x 175y x 3″
PPC80G90CM200Y 90cm x 200y x 3″
PPC80G914CM100Y 91.4cm x 100y x 3″
PPC80G914CM150Y 91.4cm x 150y x 3″
PPC80G914CM175Y 91.4cm x 175y x 3″
PPC80G914CM200Y 91.4cm x 200y x 3″
PPC80GA0S A0 Sheets (84.1cm x 118cm)
PPC80GA1S A1 Sheets (59.4cm x 84.1cm)
PPC80GA2S A2 Sheets (42.0cm x 59.4cm)

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