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Tracing Paper 90 gsm

Product Description Product Code Product Size
Premium tracing paper 90gsm Designed to meet all the needs of professionals using quality range of technical paper, hand drawing office and other graphic applications. TP90G30CM100Y 30cm x 100y x 3″
TP90G42CM100Y 42cm x 100y x 3″
TP90G45CM100Y 45cm x 100y x 3″
TP90G60CM100Y 60cm x 100y x 3″
TP90G841CM100Y 84.1cm x 100y x 3″
TP90G90CM100Y 90cm x 100y x 3″
TP90G914CM100Y 91.4cm x 100y x 3″
TP90GA0S A0 Sheets (84.1cm x 118cm)
TP90GA1S A1 Sheets (59.4cm x 84.1cm)
TP90GA2S A2 Sheets (42.0cm x 59.4cm)

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