Large Format Printers For Professionals

UCJV 300 Series

Print & Cut – LED-UV Curable Inkjet Printer
Speedy and easy printing and cutting by just one unit.
Upcoming line of UCJV300 series!

UCJV 300 – 75 

Printable up to 800mm width
Small foot-print and versatile model covering wide range of stickers, labels and point of sales materials making.



UCJV 300 – 107 

Printable up to 1090mm width
Quick printing and cutting to apply a B0 size poster of commercial print besides promotional items of various
type of media.



UCJV 300 – 130 

Printable up to 1361mm width
Suitable for both signage and point of marketing materials. Quick processing without ink drying time by UV-LED
to reduce the working time significantly for orders in
short delivery time.


UCJV 300 – 160 

Printable up to 1610mm width
Applicable to large format sign, long-sized sticker, vehicle wrapping films, too Reliable functions for Print & Cut to wide sized print production




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