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Drafting film 75 Microns

Product Description Product Code Product Size
A polyester base film which is anti-static and with a matte translucent drawing surface accepts ink or lead also support for Pen Plotter and drafting papers suitable for Ink-Jet equipment erases cleanly and provides excellent dimensional stability. PPC3D75M30CM100Y 30cm x 100y x 3″
PPC3D75M42CM100Y 42cm x 100y x 3″
PPC3D75M45CM100Y 45cm x 100y x 3″
PPC3D75M60CM100Y 60cm x 100y x 3″
PPC3D75M841CM100Y 84.1cm x 100y x 3″
PPC3D75M90CM100Y 90cm x 100y x 3″
PPC3D75MA0S A0 Sheets (84.1cm x 118cm)
PPC3D75MA1S A1 Sheets (59.4cm x 84.1cm)
PPC3D75MA2S A2 Sheets (42.0cm x 59.4cm)

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