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Inkjet Ultra White Alpine PE Photo Glossy paper 270gsm

Product Description Product Code Product Size
This premium quality glossy paper can take wide ink coverage and is ideal for high resolution graphic printing. This high quality glossy photo paper has excellent surface, high opacity, outstanding stiffness, brilliant gloss level, most excellent whiteness, very consistent layflat, instant dry and Can be used on all commercial thermal and piezo water-based printing systems like Epson, Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, Encad IJUPHG270G12″30M 12″ x 30m x 2″
IJUPHG270G17″30M 17″ x 30m x 2″
IJUPHG270G24″30M 24″ x 30m x 2″
IJUPHG270G36″30M 36″ x 30m x 2″
IJUPHG270G42″30M 42″ x 30m x 2″
IJUPHG270G50″30M 50″ x 30m x 2″
IJUPHG270G50″30M 60″ x 30m x 2″
IJUPHG270GA2S A2 Sheets 50 Sheets / Pkt
IJUPHG270GA3B A3 50 Sheets / Box
IJUPHG270GA4B A4 50 Sheets / Box
IJUPHG270G4″x6″ 4″x 6″ 50 Sheets / Pkt
IJUPHG270G5″x7″ 5″ x 7″ 50 Sheets / Pkt

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