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Pengda Heat Transfer Calendar


With digital textile printing, creating fashion has never been easier


  •  Front feeding fabric and taking up at the back is a brand new system designed specifically for the customers who prefer European machine structure. It helps the customer to check the fabric more conveniently and solve unwanted issue during the transfer.
  • The external oil tank ensures the drum is 100% filled of oil.
    Established temperatures more stable and no color difference during the process.
  • Overfeeding system designed for different kinds of fabric, especially the elastic it assures even the elastic fabric will have a good transfer effect.
  • Pneumatic tension control system / Pneumatic control electromagnetic valves are all from SMC.
  • High technology electrical components, such as OMRON and SCHNEIDDER, guaranteed that the machine is much more stable and stronger.
  • Precised and improved design unitizes the machine.
  • Controllable Silicon Solid State Relay.
  • High-efficiency and low power consumption.


Power ConfigurationThree-phase four-wire 380V/50Hz
HeatingOil heating
Drum Diameter420mm
Printing Width1800mm
Working Table Length 1000mm
Machine Size3150mm (L)*1600mm(W)*1820mm(H)
Net Weight2800kg

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