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Inkjet Glossy Synthetic Paper 200 Microns

Product Description Product Code Product Size
Ideal for Roll-Up’s. Can take wide ink coverage and is ideal for printing on the new generation, super smooth, super glossy,most excellent whiteness,Excellent color quality at a low cost. Suitable to use with dye

inks .compatible with most of the dye based Inkjet printers from Canon and HP

IJGPP200MIC24″30M 24″ x 30m x 2″
IJGPP200MIC36″30M 36″ x 30m x 2″
IJGPP200MIC42″30M 42″ x 30m x 2″
IJGPP200MIC50″30M 50″ x 30m x 2″
IJGPP200MIC36″30M-P 36″ x 30m x 2″

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