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Heat Press Machine Red

1. Security upgraded—High temperature resistant plastic cover, safety and anti-scalding,unmanned operation automatic shutdown protection, anti-fire protection, quality certification authority of USA ETL.

2. Controlling upgraded—Large screen display, convenient design, three operation modes, one-click switch.

3. Quality upgraded—Dual circuit design, one broken change to the other automatically, failure rate of 1 in 100,000.

4. Material upgraded—Aluminum alloy main beam, dynamic design, the handle not easy break and less effort. The base used 4mm metal.

5. Better transfer result—heating plate uses double heating tube, heating more even, better transfer result.

6. More innovation—The plate heater adopts aluminum mold heat conduction, free disassembly, bigger transfer size, better result.

7. Attractive appearance—The surface adopts automobile baking varnish. Exquisite, generous and durable, mold production, reliable quality.


Under the premise of adopting the home appliance design scheme and reflecting the aesthetic feeling of the machine, a multi-functional combo heat press machine was
developed, Which can transfer cap, mug, plate ( various sizes available), t-shirt.
The multi-purpose function of one machine greatly saves the production cost and reduces the production process, Meanwhile, it can meet customer demand which is equivalent to buying several machines.


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